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My passion for art goes back to my childhood, but unfortunately,I did not have the opportunity to pursue this passion after high school. Then I had the chance to come to France in 1976, a country where art is accessible to everybody.

My encounter with Maurice Rozenker, a watercolour artist, was the first step in my artistic career. It was Maurice Rozenker who showed me lights and shadows in drawings. He also encouraged me to further my passion for art.

Later I signed up classes learning the Martenot method with Francine Woinier. To finish the circle and back to my ancestral roots, I studied chinese art with Mme Peng Tuan Keh Ming. From her, I learnt all about techniques in chinese paintings and much more.


The encounter between western paintings and eastern paintings inspired me a lot. Since then, my paintings, whether oil paintings or Chinese paintings, all have the strong touch of movements of the West or the delicate, fine touch of the East.

I love the mixing of the two cultures. Painting for me is a means of expression and freedom.

Last but not least, I paint for my own pleasure, and if others feel attracted to my works, it's a greater pleasure for me.